New online resources from the Peirce Research Group in Milan

The Peirce Research Group in Milan (Italy) announces the new website wholly dedicated to Peirce: This is the first research center in Italy dedicated to Peirce and Pragmatism, originally founded by Carlo Sini and Rossella Fabbrichesi, two established scholars who were among the first to introduce Peirce in Italy. The purpose of the Research Group is to promote the knowledge and the study of Peirce in Italy and to establish contacts between the Italian and international community of Peirce’s scholars. Since its beginning in 1998 as “Centro Studi Peirce”, the Research Group undertook different activities, including the creation of a website —a valuable resource for every Italian and international researcher— the organization of lectures and conferences, and the publication of a series of texts that increased Peirce’s fortune in Italy.

Today the Research Group is an established academic entity, with Government funds, and the Department of Philosophy organizes courses, hosts dissertations and research-projects entirely focused on Peirce and pragmatism. Of interest on its Italian/English bilingual website are its table of published manuscripts, an annotated bibliography, a circumstantiated chronology of Peirce’s life, and a most valuable chronological list of Peirce’s scientific activities and publications.