Workshop: Re-reading John Dewey’s Lectures in Social and Political Philosophy


Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 18-19 March, 2016.


Friday March 18th

Morning: 9.30-13

Roberto Frega (IMM-CNRS), Pragmatism and the many faces of conflict

Roberto Gronda (Università di Pisa), Pure Science and Applied Science: A Tenable Distinction?

Yung-chen Chiang (De Pauw University), Further Reflections on the Translations of Dewey’s Lectures in China

Afternoon: 14.30-18

Emmanuel Renault (Paris-Ouest Université), From ‘political ethics’ to ‘social philosophy’: the need for social theory

Arvi Särkelä (Universität Luzern), Associated Life

Italo Testa (Università di Parma), Dominant patterns in associated living

Saturday March 19th

Morning: 9.30-13

Federica Gregoratto (Universität St. Gallen), Lectures in China as Critical Theory Manifesto

Justo Serrano Zamora (Universität  Frankfurt), Facts, Ideas and Domination in John Dewey’s Lectures in Social and Political Philosophy (China)

Brendan Hogan (NYU University), Democracy as reflexive regime

The workshop is organized with the support of the GDRI project “POLINOR”: “Politics, Institutions, Norms: a pragmatist view”

Organizer: Roberto Frega (IMM-CNRS)

Registration is mandatory. For more information and registration, please contact