Pragmatist  Trends in Philosophy of Science and Mathematics

University of East Anglia

4-5 June 2024

Conference Theme
In recent years, the pragmatist outlook on knowledge, viewed as a continuous activity that affects the enquiring agent and subject matter alike, has inspired important and original work in philosophy of science and philosophy of mathematics. This work has, among other things, stressed the centrality of epistemic activities in scientific practice, produced an alternative conception of scientific realism, offered a novel way of thinking about mathematical objects that escapes the traditional opposition between realist and anti-realist views. On account of its stress on the structure and temporal development of enquiry, the pragmatist standpoint holds much promise for the opening of new research directions as well as the reorientation of classical philosophical debates in both philosophy of science and mathematics.
​In this conference we wish to review, explore and develop the capabilities of the pragmatist outlook, broadly construed, either following some of its unifying themes or seeking to put to work its specific articulations.

Call for papers
Submissions are invited on any aspect of the interaction between pragmatist ideas, philosophy of science and philosophy of mathematics. This includes any project in current philosophy of science or mathematics with a pragmatist motivation, philosophical work on the current relevance of pragmatism and historical work on pragmatist contributions to the study of scientific or mathematical practice.

To submit your abstract, please use the EasyChair website for this conference: submission deadline is April 10th, 2024. For more information, please see the conference website: