“The Reception of American Pragmatism in Europe”. Final program.

The Reception of American Pragmatism in Europe

Conference at the University of St. Gall, Dufourstrasse 50, 9000 St. Gall
6th to 8th of June 2019; Room 09-012


Thursday, June 6th

1.45-2p Opening of Conference
2-3.15p Invited Talk: Dennis Sölch (Dusseldorf)
An American Existentialism?
3.15-3.30p Break
3.30-4.45p Invited Talk: Arvi Särkelä (Lucerne)
Pragmatism and the Frankfurt School.
4.45-5.45p Talk: Christopher Gohl (Tübingen)
American Pragmatism in Service of the EU Social Market Economy.
5.45-6.05p Break
6.05-7.20p Invited Talk: Shannon Sullivan (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Racism and the Crisis of Democracy: W.E.B. Du Bois in Dialogue with Dewey and James.
7.20-8p Apéro

Friday, June 7th

8.30-9.45a Invited Talk: Henrik Rydenfelt (Helsinki)
Inquiry and Logic: Peirce’s Influence on Nordic Philosophy.
9.45-10.05a Break
10.05-11.20a Invited Talk: Chiara Ambrosio (London)
The Richness of Pragmaticist Historicism.

11.20-12.20p Talk: Lotta Mayer (Heidelberg)
Dynamics of Interaction. What Pragmatism can Teach us about Escalating Social Conflicts.
12.20-1.45p Lunch for active participants
Young Scholars Afternoon
1.45-2.30p Moritz Gansen (Darmstadt): Heroes of Pragmatism: On the French Reception and Transformation of Pragmatism.
2.30-3.15p Francesca Sofia Alexandratos (Parma): The Structure of Human Action as a Criterion for Social Analysis. A Living Bond Between Honneth’ and Joas’ Project of Social Action and Human Nature and John Dewey’s Naturalistic Humanism.
3.15-3.35p Break
3.35-4.20p Ymko Braaksma (Groningen): ‘Is Mr. Bradley Becoming a Pragmatist?’ Schiller’s Response to Bradley as a Key to the Kernel of Classical Pragmatism.
4.20-5.05p Simone Bernardi della Rosa (Milan): From the Pragmatic Maxim to Habit. A Comparison Between Peirce and Bourdieu.
5.05-5.30p Break
5.30-6.45p Invited Talk: James Campbell (Toledo, Ohio)
Paul Carus and Pragmatism: A European Philosopher in America.

Saturday, June 8th

8.30-9.45a Invited Talk: Emmanuel Renault and Claude Gautier (Paris)
Pragmatism and Sociology: the French Debate.
9.45-10.45a Talk: Matteo Santarelli (Bologna) and Just Serrano (Munich)
Articulating the People. The Genesis of Political Identities between Inquiry and Rhetoric.
10.45-11.30a Break
11.30-12.45p Invited Talk: Emil Višňovský (Bratislava)
Reception of Pragmatism in Central-Europe: The Case of Czecho-Slovakia.
12.45-2p Invited Talk: Núria Sara Miras Boronat (Barcelona)
Addams and Gilman: The European Roots of Pragmatist Feminism and Its Ramifications.
2-2.10p Farewell and End of Conference