New issue: Pragmatism Today 7:2


A new issue of Pragmatism Today has been published.


Introduction: Pragmatists in Venice Alexander Kremer … 5 (PDF)

I. Philosophy and human evolution

Persons as Natural Artifacts Joseph Margolis … 8 (PDF)

II. Cultural politics and democracy

Is Marx a Pragmatist? Tom Rockmore … 24 (PDF)

The waxing and waning of democracy as a way of life (1916 – 2016): Some of the economic underpinnings Jane Skinner … 33 (PDF)

Redefining the Meaning of ‘Morality’: A Chapter in the Cultural Politics of Capitalism Kenneth W. Stikkers … 42 (PDF)

Imperial Irony: Rorty, Richard Henry Pratt and the American Indian Genocide Scott L Pratt … 48 (PDF)

Bruno Latour, American Pragmatism, and the Idea of Non-Human Democracy Leszek Koczanowicz … 59 (PDF)

Beyond culturalism: A Deweyan reading of the expansion of ‘Ndrangheta Matteo Santarelli … 66 (PDF)

Philosophy as Cultural Politics in Rorty, Shusterman, And Pragmatism Alexander Kremer … 79 (PDF)

III. Food, Semiotics, Society

John Dewey: A Culinary Perspective Dorota Koczanowicz … 88 (PDF)

De-Subjectification in Semiotics: Argumentations, Self-Defense and Signs of Opposing Forces Martin Svantner … 95 (PDF)

IV. Book Reviews

Democracy and Consensus: Review Essay of Leszek Koczanowicz’s POLITICS OF DIALOGUE John Ryder … 111 (PDF)

Pragmatism Hotel. R. Calcaterra, G. Maddalena & G. Marchetti (eds.) (2015): lL PRAGMATISMO. DALLE ORIGINI AGLI SVILUPPI CONTEMPORANEl Brunella Antomarini … 117 (PDF)