New Book: Chris Skowroński, A Meaningful Life amidst a Pluralism of Cultures and Values

John Lachs’s Stoic Pragmatism as a Philosophical and Cultural Project, Brill, 2023.

There is a growing concern about living a meaningful life among those living in different contexts of cultural diversity, be it the American melting pot, the union of European nations, the multiculturally globalized, the multiformity of tribalism of various stripes, and the fashionable cyber bubbles of opinion and commentary that drive the outlooks of millions of uninformed consumers. This book argues for a wisdom that incorporates a reference for both knowledge and self-knowledge, as well as life experience and cultural traditions that have stood the test of time, all contributing to a framework in which we can navigate our lives.

About the Author

Krzysztof (Chris) Piotr Skowroński, PhD, teaches Philosophy, Persuasion and Rhetoric, Digital Culture, and Multiculturalism at the University of Opole, Poland, and serves as Scientific Affairs Manager at Berlin Practical Philosophy International Forum e.V., Germany. He has written, edited and co-edited around fifteen books on contemporary culture, philosophy, American pragmatism and George Santayana (Brill, Rodopi, Routledge, Fordham, Lexington Books, among others). He blogs at

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