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Symposia. The Reception of Peirce in the World

EditorsGiovanni Maddalena (University of Molise), Alessandro Ballabio (University of Bogotà)

R. M. Calcaterra, R. Frega, G. Maddalena, Introduction (pdf)

Ch. Hookway, British Champions of Peirce (pdf)

G. Maddalena, The Three Waves of Italian Reception of Peirce (pdf)

M. Girel, Peirce’s Reception in France: just a Beginning (pdf)

A. Hensoldt, Reception of Peirce in Poland (pdf)

S. Freyberg, Peirce in Germany: A Long Time Coming (pdf)

L. Santaella, Peirce’s Reception in Brazil (pdf)

S. Barrena, J. Nubiola, The Reception of Peirce in Spain and the Spanish Speaking Countries (pdf)

I. Mladenov, The First Steps of Peirce in Bulgaria. From Ivan Sarailiev to Today (pdf)

H. Rydenfelt, Peirce in Finland (pdf)

B. Sørensen, T. Thellefsen, The Reception of Charles S. Peirce in Denmark (pdf)

T. M. Bertilsson, Reception of Charles S. Peirce in Sweden and its Diaspora (pdf)

C. A. Pechlivanidis, The History of Reception of Charles S. Peirce in Greece (pdf)

F. Zalamea, Peirce’s Reception in Colombia (pdf)

S. Atarashi, Peirce’s Reception in Japan (pdf)

C. Legg, Peirce’s Reception in Australia and New Zealand (pdf)



S. Grigoriev, Normativity and Reality in Peirce’s Thought (pdf)

O. Belas, Popular Science, Pragmatism, and Conceptual Clarity (pdf)


Let Me Tell You a Story: Heroes and Events of Pragmatism

Interview with Richard J. Bernstein (pdf)



I. Levi, Pragmatism and Inquiry: Selected Essays, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012 (reviewed by G. Gava) (pdf)

J. Ryder, The Things on Heaven and Earth, New York, Fordham University Press, 2013 (reviewed by A. Garcia Riuz) (pdf)