Update on the conference Bridging Traditions: Idealism and Pragmatism

For anyone in the Frankfurt a/M. area during April 10-12, do not miss the conference organized by our friend Gabriele Gava (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main). See the poster below. Please, also note that there is a slight change to the program, which is not reflected in the poster itself.

The updated list of speakers:

Scott F. Aikin (Vanderbilt), Jean-Marie Chevalier (Collège de France), James Conant (Chicago), Sebastian Gardner (UCL), Gabriele Gava (Frankfurt), Daniel Herbert (Sheffield), Christopher Hookway (Sheffield), Wolfgang Kuhlmann (RWTH Aachen), Catherine Legg (Waikato), David Macarthur (Sydney), James O’Shea (UCD), Sami Pihlström (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies), Sebastian Rödl (Leipzig), Robert Stern (Sheffield), Marcus Willaschek (Frankfurt).