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Introduction: On Art, Self and Philosophy in a Pragmatist Manner Alexander Kremer … 5(PDF)

I. On Pragmatist Aesthetics

The Aesthetic, pleasure and happiness, or: why freedom is not enough Roberta Dreon … 8(PDF)
Reading, Instruction, and Pluralist Democracy: The Critical Pragmatism of Charles JohnsonRichard E. Hart … 22 (PDF)
Rorty and Shusterman on Popular Art Csaba Olay … 28 (PDF)
Judgment and Art John Ryder … 45 (PDF)
Politics and the Aesthetics of Existence in the American Anarchist Tradition Kenneth W. Stikkers … 53 (PDF)

II. The Self in Pragmatism

Pragmatism and Moral Growth: William James and the Question of Vivisection James Campbell …61 (PDF)
Rorty’s and Shusterman’s Notion of the Self Alexander Kremer … 67 (PDF)
Self-Construction and Self-Awareness: Which One Comes First? Roman Madzia … 76 (PDF)

III. Pragmatism and Other Philosophies

Art, Truth, Event. Positioning the Non-representationalist Paradigms of Pragmatic Naturalism and Philosophical Hermeneutics Miklos Nyiro … 89 (PDF)
Modernity and Pragmatism Emil Višňovský … 120 (PDF)

IV. Book Reviews

Book Review. The Present State of Pragmatist Aesthetics?
wojciech matecki (ed.): practicing pragmatist aesthetics. critical perspectives on the arts Leszek Koczanowicz & Katarzyna Liszka (eds.): Beauty, Responsibility, and Power. Ethical and Political Consequences of Pragmatist Aesthetics Mark A. Halawa … 127
Book Review. John Lachs: Freedom and Limits. Krzysztof Piotr Skowrohski … 140


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