Not to miss! The Richard Rorty issue of Contemporary Pragmatism

Federico Penelas and Christopher J. Voparil: Introduction
Section One: Issues of Pragmatist Epistemology
Richard J. Bernstein: “So Much the Worse for your Old Intuitions, Start Working up Some New Ones”
Ángel M. Faerna: Rorty and Dewey on Warrant
Eleonora Cresto: How to Be a Pragmatist without Surrendering to Naturalism
Daniel E. Kalpokas: The Experience Not Well Lost
María Aurelia Di Berardino: A Dialogue on Relativism: Rorty and Feyerabend
Section Two: Political Philosophy, Ethics, and Literature
María Pía Lara: Richard Rorty: Becoming a Contemporary Political Philosopher
Christopher J. Voparil: Taking Other Human Beings Seriously: Rorty’s Ethics of Choice and Responsibility
Federico Penelas: Contributions and Limits of Rortian Pragmatism for Political Agonism
Wojciech Malecki: On a Man Who Died from Reading Too Much Heidegger, or Richard Rorty as a Reader
Nicolás Lavagnino: On the Very Idea of Romantic Irony
Susana de Castro: Can We Avoid Cruelty?
Andrew F. Smith: Solidarity as Public Morality: Reconstructing Rorty’s Case for the Political Value of the

Review Essay
Jonathan Salem-Wiseman: Pragmatist and Prophet: A Review of Ronald Kuipers’s Richard Rorty